Welcome to New Independence Academy:

Established in 2013, NIA’s primary goal is to accommodate children with higher functioning  forms of autism but to provide a learning environment where these children can expand their horizons.  In addition to common core curriculum,  NIA blends digital and traditional instruction.  All of our students learn in different ways, the most success has come in the mix of “then and now”.   Students have the ability to strengthen skills they have yet to use and maintain the ones they currently have.


Students at NIA will have the same electives and subjects as public school, in addition to:


outdoor time/ outdoor activities

frequent breaks (as needed per child)

horseback riding and small animal programs


social and life skills

1 to 1 IPad


Due to the differences of each student’s needs, it is required to bring lunch. It is recommended that children bring additional snacks as well.  As students will have additional snack times.

Safe Environment

A safe environment for all students, with no bullying tolerated. This has not been a problem as many of our present students were bullied in public schools and know what it feels like.



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