Board of Directors - placeholder

left to right, Chris Buck, Windy Amory, Kenneth Grice, Debbie Outland, and Patrick Bonnell.

Founders of New Independence Academy all have children or family members enrolled at NIA, so they all have a vested interest in the school’s success. Here is a summary of each founder’s role.

Chris Buck

As an entrepreneur, Chris brings over 25 years of experience leading high-performance teams, and marketing their services to clients around the world. His experience allowed him to facilitate both ongoing performance improvement and incorporation of the latest developments for working with High Functioning Autistic children.

Windy Amory

Windy is a board-certified registered nurse. This experience made her a key component capable of handling many details across a spectrum of topics, ranging from communications to financials.

Kenneth Grice

As a law enforcement officer, Kenneth has a wealth of knowledge to optimize the safety and security of the school. This expertise helped when developing visitor protocols, school lock-down procedures, weather emergencies and staying on top of any changes mandated by the North Carolina Department of Non Public Education and other government agencies.

Debbie Outland

Debbie brings the perspective of day to day operations and serves as the focal point for implementing improvements to school operations.

Patrick Bonnell

Patrick, who is a manager at a major grocery chain, has a vast understanding of logistical operations. This experience provided NIA with guidance in evaluating needed supplies and equipment needed, cost-effective ways to obtaining needed items, and developing logistical processes.