NIA Parent and
Licensed Professional Counselor

Chasity Phillips

“My daughter feels safe again. She has been at NIA for over a year now and she is so happy. No more psychiatry or counseling appointments, no more antidepressants, or antianxiety medication. My daughter feels ‘safe’ at NIA. Her teachers really know her, they support her, and she is able to truly learn, grow and thrive in her environment.”

NIA Parent and
Public School Elementary Teacher

Emily Martin

“CJ’s handwriting has improved drastically and I’ve see a huge difference in his vocabulary and literacy skills. From a social / emotional standpoint, I’ve noticed that he is much more caring than before. Especially with his family.”
Mother of a 3rd grade NIA student
“His life has improved greatly. He has friends now. Equally important, his reading and math skills have improved immensely. My husband and I are delighted with his progress in such a short period of time.”


The charts presented here are temporary, and have been borrowed from The Interactive Autism Network website.