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For printed forms, please send the completed form to P.O. Box 125, Pikeville, NC 27863 or scan the completed form and send it to

News & Upcoming Events

New Independence Academy has moved!

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Pay attention, we've moved to a new location!

06/11/2017 Graduation Gallery has been posted:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help prepare children diagnosed with high functioning autism and other pervasive development disorders to lead happy, independent lives by creating an environment in which they can learn the skills necessary to integrate successfully into society.

Our School

Welcome to NIAAt New Independence Academy (NIA), our educational model is designed to be compatible with the unique learning styles of children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome * ( a form of High Functioning Autism (HFA)) or other pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).  As these children often possess advanced abilities with computers and electronic media, the NIA model combines a digital subject curriculum with a carefully maintained learning environment including frequent breaks, natural lighting and quiet classrooms.  As these children attempt to absorb as much information as possible from their environment, it is important to minimize all stimuli competing with the digital curriculum for the student’s attention.  The primary advantage of the digital curriculum is it allows each child to advance at his/her own pace and allows the teacher to spend most of their time with one on one individualized instruction while the rest of the class continues with their work uninterrupted.

NIA also recognizes the importance of learning the life skills necessary to survive and thrive in society, so working on those skills is integrated throughout the school day and/or school year.  These include items as simple as housekeeping to more advanced skills like balancing a checkbook.  These elements are vital components of the NIA model, considered necessary to achieve our mission.

Outside of the classroom, other structured experiences are conducted that instill both a sense of calm and spark the imagination, both key ingredients for a successful educational strategy for Asperger’s/HFA/PDD children.

Please explore our site to learn more about our school and to hear some of the remarkable success stories that have been documented already in the short history of our school.

Finally, if you are a parent of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, or a Pervasive Developmental Disorder who is looking for a good fit for your child, please call and make an appointment to explore how NIA can unleash the potential of that most precious person in your life.

*  As of May, 2013, Asperger’s Syndrome was no longer recognized medically, being absorbed into the larger “Autism” diagnosis.  Since at this point, most every child enrolled and to be enrolled at NIA in the upcoming few years were originally diagnosed as “Asperger’s Syndrome,” NIA will continue to recognize the term when communicating with our parents and any prospective parents enrolling their children at NIA.